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DERENONCOURT: An Ultratrail 2023 Vintage

3 April 2024

[Bordeaux Futures] Discover the 2023 Vintage Scenario

Translated into English by Nathalie Parent Dumoulin, NEXT Edition, member of WI&NE Nouvelle-Aquitaine

WI&NE Nouvelle-Aquitaine interviewed wine expert Frédéric Massie, from DERENONCOURT CONSULTANTS, about his insights into the 2023 Futures vintage.

How would you describe this vintage?

“2023 was a year of adaptation, flexibility, and efficiency. Bordeaux winegrowers displayed remarkable stamina, a self-surpassing and unwavering determination to confront and overcome a relentless series of challenges.”

Can you provide a summary of the weather-related highlights?

“The annual growth cycle kicked off with a classic winter season, and there was no damage to the grapes despite the frost episode on April 4th and 5th, which was more worrisome than harmful. However, the constant rain and tropical days that followed were an open invitation for mildew and black rot to spread. The end-of-the-month storms proved to be disastrous for some wineries. The mildew pressure persisted throughout the growing season, making it crucial to control the harvest volume in 2023 despite the exceptional flowering in May. Ripening occurred in a dark atmosphere at the beginning of August, marked by two episodes of heatwave, which were beneficial for most of us. The harvest began with ripe, high-quality tannins, indicating a flawless balance of phenolic and technological ripeness.”

What are the key characteristics of this vintage?

“The white wines display an admirable balance and impressive complexity, with moderate alcohol levels and exceptional aromatic freshness. The red wines demonstrate reasonable concentrations and alcohol levels, showcasing the unequivocal mastery required to subtly express the slow ripening, exuberant vitality, and unique soil identity. Great terroirs are at the rendezvous of exceptional vintages, reminiscent of the finest Bordeaux wines from 2000 vintages past.”

Do you have any comments for the tasters attending Bordeaux Primeurs from April 22 to 25?

“After all is said and done, the wines crafted in 2023 are a perfect blend of harmonious and lively flavors.”

Does the 2023 vintage deserve a spot in our cellars?

“The technical excellence of our region is evident in the 2023 vintage, which perfectly showcases the sublime quality of our terroir. Undoubtedly, Grands Vins Fins de Bordeaux are definitely worth a second glance.”


The revealed essence of vine’s work Derenoncourt Consultants is a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals who deliver their technical proficiency, vineyard knowledge, and unwavering commitment to wine estates. Their mission is to create exceptional wines that highlight the singularity of each terroir. Based in Bordeaux, Derenoncourt consultants have a deep bond with this exacting, fertile terroir that is renowned worldwide. Their extensive experience in Bordeaux, in France, and in many other countries enables them to provide a wealth of advice and expertise led by a unique perspective, great humility, and persistent patience. The strength and essence of Derenoncourt consultants lie in their resolute dedication to supporting winemakers at every stage, from soil to glass.

Authored and translated by Nathalie Parent Dumoulin, founder of NEXT Edition and a WI&NE Nouvelle-Aquitaine member

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