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TOOLBOX CONSULT: The Winegrowers’ Marketing Toolbox

26 April 2024

Translated into English by Nathalie Parent Dumoulin, NEXT Edition, member of WI&NE Nouvelle-Aquitaine

WI&NE Nouvelle-Aquitaine has gained a valuable asset in recruiting TOOLBOX CONSULT. The team’s youthful energy, dynamic approach, and exceptional talent make them a perfect fit for our wine experts association. 

Charlotte Candille and Anne-Sophie Joubard sincerely appreciate winegrowers’ unwavering passion and hard work. They are fervent about each wine’s unique traits and emphasize the appellations that distinguish them. Their mission is to empower wine enthusiasts worldwide to fully discover and appreciate the richness and diversity of their terroirs.

What’s in Their Toolbox?

Our resolute commitment to building deep-rooted relationships with our partners is integral to our mission. Our trust-based approach enables us to work closely together, fervently and dedicatedly representing their exceptional products in the marketplace.

Every winemaker is unique and has specific requirements. Therefore, we take the necessary time to thoroughly comprehend each winemaker’s individual needs and objectives. With our expertise and creativity, we can propose innovative and effective marketing strategies specifically tailored to each vineyard and wine. We are confident that our approach will deliver the results our clients deserve, and we are committed to providing nothing but the best.

Top-Notch Services

At TOOLBOX CONSULT, we support our winemakers in various aspects of their business, including development and legal advice. We strive to help them focus solely on their passion for creating exceptional wines while we handle their business dealings with the utmost professionalism. We excel in finding the best distribution channels and negotiating contracts while safeguarding their rights, thus ensuring that their success in the marketplace is guaranteed.

We firmly believe that hard work and quality products should be rewarded fairly, and it is our absolute commitment to obtain the best prices for our winemaking partners.

Unique Strategy

At TOOLBOX CONSULT, we monitor the French regions most suitable for the wine market while relentlessly exploring global opportunities. We apply our unparalleled expertise to significant markets and geographical areas often overlooked in wine interest. We leave no stone unturned in our efforts to cater to all sectors, including small and large-scale importers, wine merchants, restaurateurs, hoteliers, bars, delicatessens, and even oyster shacks, to name a few. We are determined to pioneer new frontiers for our winemakers and open up unexpected business opportunities for them.

Ultimate Added Value

At TOOLBOX CONSULT, we deliver trustworthy, ethical, and transparent consulting services to our winemaking partners. Our goal is to establish a long-lasting relationship based on mutual trust and provide them with support worthy of their hard work.

“We are honored to serve as ambassadors for these remarkable men and women who pour their hearts and souls into producing exceptional wines. Their passion and expertise shine through in every bottle.”

WI&NE is thrilled to have TOOLBOX CONSULT as one of our esteemed wine experts. Their unwavering commitment and passion for the craft make them an invaluable asset in enhancing the value of French vineyards and wines.

Authored and translated by Nathalie Parent Dumoulin, founder of NEXT Edition and a WI&NE Nouvelle-Aquitaine member

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