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Our association gathers all the expertise necessary to invest, purchase or manage a French wine estate.

WI&NE, born from the know-how complementarity essential for the success of your vineyard venture, relies on a perfect synergy between our key experts. We built our skill and talent pool over time to ensure that the spirit that drives it today perfectly meets your requirements. But because we know that business is, above all, a matter of men and women, our key experts fulfil precise selection criteria that guarantee the ethics and professional diligence of each WI&NE member.
Using WI&NE services ensures contacting professionals recognized in their respective fields of expertise without any additional business referral costs. So, whether you are looking to buy, invest or develop a vineyard, you can hire one or various WI&NE experts according to your specific needs.

Why Call On a WI&NE Key Expert ?

The purchase or transfer of a wine estate is a serious affair. As it involves numerous steps and expenses, it is necessary to anticipate the whole acquisition process, master the legal and fiscal meanderings, know the local characteristics of the investment site, etc. Thus, to set you on the path to success, you need an army of connoisseurs!
Our collective force of professionals also offers a range of post-acquisition services covering consultancy to complete management. Discover the indisputable benefits of WI&NE: the association of wine experts.

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