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José Fernandez

Energy Efficiency & Winemaking Process Consulting


Developing your wine-growing business / Investing in viticultural assets / Managing a wine estate


Like any other business venture, acquiring or managing a vineyard sometimes requires an external point of view. Therefore, our wine process engineers will work closely with you in conducting a series of audits on many aspects of vineyard management to help implement best practices.

ÉNERGIE CONCEPT : Rooting Sustainability in the Wine Industry

ÉNERGIE CONCEPT is a fluid and thermal engineering design office specializing in energy efficiency and energy-saving technologies for the wine industry.

Operating in the Bordeaux region since 2006, we offer solutions tailored to the most diverse and challenging requirements. Our involvement and deeply-rooted background in the wine sector have led ÉNERGIE CONCEPT to contribute to various wine process projects: following the project supervisor’s guidelines (cellar master, enologist, etc.) as to the integrity of the grapes and analyzing the available technical means, we design the grape harvest reception line from the unloading bin to the bottling, passing through the grape presses or sorting tables and the dimensioning of the vat room.

A comprehensive process engineering design implies a thorough knowledge of the wine estate under study by considering the different grape varieties and the resources (manual or mechanical or both) available, among others. 

Our Areas of Expertise: Water networks, fluid processes, air distribution, thermal energy saving, and winemaking processes are all part of our areas of expertise. 

Our References: ÉNERGIE CONCEPT has carried out many projects on large-scale wineries. For instance, restructuring of the existing buildings and designing a new process building at Château Petrus, and also projects at Château Mouton Rothschild, Château Calon Ségur, Château La Garde, etc. 

We can also undertake projects abroad, such as the complete implementation of a winery (Château Marsyas) in Lebanon, and winery design & implementation (Fattoria la Massa), in Tuscany, Italy. 

To know more about our areas of expertise, qualifications, references, and the people behind all these marvelous projects, please visit our website: www.energie-concept.eu 


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