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WI&NE Provence-Rhône: A New Chapter

26 February 2022

Our association, based in Bordeaux since 2014, continues its development in the South-East. After the beautiful Occitanie region, the WI&NE Provence-Rhône chapter opens its doors. The official launch of its activity in this historic wine area took place on Friday, 8 April 2022, over lunch at Domaine des Féraud, a 50-hectare wine estate in the heart of the côtes-de-provence PDO region. On this occasion, the association members had the pleasure of tasting the delicacies prepared by the chef at Bastide des Magnans and organic wines from the estate.

Extending WI&NE’s Roots in Provence-Rhône

Although initially a Bordeaux-based association, WI&NE has always had a national and international vocation. After the Gironde capital and the vast Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, WI&NE is progressively expanding towards the South-East, first in Occitanie and now in Provence-Rhône.

WI&NE Provence-Rhône covers two major French wine regions:

This geographical extension deeply roots WI&NE as the true specialist in France’s wines & spirits sector, with a network of experts spread throughout the territory. But as each region remains unique, WI&NE key experts have a strong mastery of their specific geographical area and terroirs.

WI&NE Provence-Rhône is chaired by Benoit Ab-der-Halden, president of CABVITIPRO, a wine expertise consulting firm.

Article translated FR>EN by:

Nathalie Parent Dumoulin, Translator, NEXT EDITION, WI&NE Nouvelle-Aquitaine

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