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Sandrine Castineira

Wine Consulting & Strategic Audit Expertise

L'Heure de la Véraison

Buying a wine property or vineyard / Developing your wine-growing business / Investing in viticultural assets / Managing a wine estate / Selling a wine property or vineyard


Our team advises winegrowers on strategic development based on over 23 years of experience. We aim to improve their business across three main areas: 

  1. Conduct a Strategic Audit: To assess the current situation, identify strengths and improvement areas. The audit analyzes legal, financial, product, customer, and communication aspects through a market study, including comparisons with identifiable competitors within the appellation area.
  2. Develop Specialized Workshops: To enhance team processes, boost performance, and achieve organizational success for a group with shared interests.
  3. Give Your Business A Head Start: To develop your sales strategy and streamline administrative procedures to increase, acquire, or sell a vineyard. Our services provide fresh and unique insights, leading to successful transactions.


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