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Buying a wine property or vineyard / Developing your wine-growing business / Investing in viticultural assets / Selling a wine property or vineyard


Acquiring a wine estate is a significant investment that often requires the potential buyer to benefit from more or less important financial support.

From winery loans to more complex vineyard lending options, dependable and traditional banking support is critical. Within this framework, WI&NE offers to benefit from specialized bank lenders to help you cover any need for your vineyard or winery: purchasing or refinancing of your real estate, operational upgrades and improvements, working capital, farming needs, capital expenditures, and other financing needs or general banking operations.

Balance Sheet Management (long-term and circulating assets):

Vineyard or estate owners,  wine merchants, brokers, and all the industry professionals, our dedicated Wine & Spirits team invests time in understanding its clientele’s needs to invest in its future.


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