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Matthieu Dubernet

Œnology Analytical Laboratory


Developing your wine-growing business / Managing a wine estate


Laboratoires Dubernet Groupe is the first independent analysis and consulting laboratory in Europe dedicated to the wine industry. Our team comprises 60 people (chemical and agronomic engineers, doctors, œnologists, technicians, etc.) working on three sites (Narbonne, Orange, Tain-l’Hermitage).

Each detaining the NF EN ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, our three state-of-the-art laboratories can offer a complete range of œnological analyses refined to the specificities of the French wine industry.

Our team of consultant œnologists relies on these high-performance analyses and provides precise, personalized and creative support. In addition, they are fully involved in vinifying and maturing their clients’ wines, namely the Languedoc-Roussillon and Rhône Valley producers and wine merchants.

SRDV is the Group’s division dedicated to the vineyard. Our agricultural engineers and œnologists offer complete technical vineyard monitoring, an adapted range of analyses, and viticultural and œnological advice. We bring our scientific expertise to the wine sector, but above all, we share a philosophy and knowledge of wine with the people of our terroirs.


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