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Based on 15 years of experience in wine and spirits export, we created MaNo Wine Club in 2018: a community of wine enthusiasts dedicated to discovering new terroirs, winemakers, and their fine beverages.

We are committed to offering French wines, spirits and beers created in an environmentally friendly manner and at prices equivalent to or below the producing estate’s public price.

In light of our success, we have expanded our range over the past few years and regularly present discoveries to our customers through various tastings. Scouting through France periodically enables us to unearth the best it has to offer for our enthusiasts.

In 2020, we expanded our activities by purchasing Vignobles et Terroirs de France, a wine export business.
Building on the momentum and enthusiasm, we have regrouped all our activities under MaNo Wine Consult.

While most of our business is conducted overseas (85% exporting activities with nearly 2 million bottles sold worldwide), our local development, particularly in the south and southwest of France, is facilitated by local logistics (warehouses and transporters) and our commitment to quality of service.

Today, we operate four groupage warehouses located in Tours, Bordeaux, Avignon and Toulouse.


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