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Strategic audit and advice

L'Heure de la Véraison

Buying a wine property or vineyard / Developing your wine-growing business / Investing in viticultural assets / Managing a wine estate / Selling a wine property or vineyard


Our team draws on more than 23 years of experience to advise winegrowers in their strategic development. It aims to improve the situation and business of the winegrower, and is based on several axes that we manage together:

Implementation of a strategic audit around your company: a study on the current situation highlighting the strong points and areas for progress. An analysis on the financial, legal, product, customer and communication aspects thanks to comparisons with the appellation area and a market study.

Advise you: Whether in your acquisition projects, expansion, transformation, conquering new markets, handover…
Our role as a consulting firm is to be at your side but also to work with you by carrying out studies, developing the strategy and personalized monitoring.

Supporting you: Our goal is to make your work easier. We can take care of communication because we specialize in wine, but also organize events for or with you to highlight and boost the growth of your estate.

We work alongside you for your success.


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