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Jean Barot

Vineyard Land Valuation Expertise

Cabinet d'expertise foncière

Buying a wine property or vineyard / Developing your wine-growing business / Investing in viticultural assets / Selling a wine property or vineyard


The land and agricultural expert profession is regulated by the French Rural Code, Articles L 171-1 and R 171-1.

The land valuation agent intervenes independently in land donation, partition or succession, joint ownership exit, community property liquidation, French solidarity tax valuation, expropriation, and lease.

The land valuation agent assesses built and unbuilt buildings of commercial, industrial or agricultural usages, ponds, quarries, and leisure facilities in urban and rural areas.

He estimates the rental values of farms, dwellings, commercial rents, and properties. In addition, he carries out share valuations of farming companies, including built and unbuilt assets.

He also carries out farm exit appraisals, draws up an inventory and market impact and technical status reports, and estimates damage & loss claims, resettlement, compensation for insurance purposes, etc.

He will assist you in negotiations, pre-litigation or litigation files, expropriations, and pre-emptions. Finally, he can also carry out technical and patrimonial studies, etc.


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