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Hugues Touton

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Buying a wine property or vineyard / Developing your wine-growing business / Selling a wine property or vineyard


Whether it is a question of developing one’s wine estate or restoring buildings damaged by time and use, it is very often necessary for the property owner to carry out construction, renovation, or extension projects of the wine estate.


Calling on a specialized winery architect is the assurance of benefiting from the expertise of a specialist to create spaces that function elegantly and efficiently. Through hands-on experience working at local wineries, we have developed a broad understanding of the fermentation and aging process and a strong familiarity with the equipment required to ensure efficiency and the highest quality product.


We believe the best design integrates function, technology, the natural environment, and human interaction for thoughtful, well-crafted design solutions.

WI&NE offers investors the services of efficient and competent winery architects with a passion for design at the intersection of landscape and architecture. WI&NE architects can intervene in the following assignments:


Diagnosis of the Existing


Preliminary Studies, Pre-Design & Programming


Design and Construction Project Management


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