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Hervé Flament

Vineyard Property Disposal & Acquisition Expertise

SAFER Occitanie

Buying a wine property or vineyard / Investing in viticultural assets / Managing a wine estate / Selling a wine property or vineyard


SAFER is the land operator for rural and periurban areas. It implements general interest missions to service public policies: agriculture revitalization, local development support, environment protection, and land observation. SAFER OCCITANIE’s expertise in land engineering extends over the 13 departments of the Occitanie region. 

Thanks to its governance, which is under the control of the State, it associates professional agricultural organizations, consular chambers, and local authorities. It is a forum for mediation and consultation to address land issues in rural and periurban areas. 

Our Rural Properties team will support your project and help you integrate it into the local context, with 24 employees across the Occitanie region committed to their territory and values of ethics, humanity, and professionalism. 

Our Rural Properties team shapes territories by creating projects that drive inclusive economic growth.


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