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Frédéric Schuller

Notary Services

Office Notarial

Buying a wine property or vineyard / Investing in viticultural assets / Managing a wine estate / Selling a wine property or vineyard


Within the framework of a wine transaction, whether a sale of an estate, an acquisition, a restructuring, or a transmission, the notary is not only a public officer but often a wise and privileged adviser. In addition to drafting deeds, the notary, as a civil, rural, commercial, and tax law specialist, will advise the client throughout the various file record stages, particularly upstream of the project.

Étude BENEDETTI, an institution in the Aude region since 1617, is part of a deeply-rooted viticultural and agricultural tradition and benefits from an esteemed experience. This know-how has earned us the trust of many winegrowers, private and institutional operators, using either traditional winemaking methods or state-of-the-art technologies. To best serve our customers, we enjoy the strength of a wine-growing and a non-wine-growing network.

Étude BENEDETTI, composed of three notaries and 25 collaborators, benefits from a specialized International Law department with bilingual lawyers and the latest technological tools allowing remote communications and signatures.


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