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A process solutions designer, distributor, and integrator, VISÉA COUTURIER brings 360 innovative turnkey solutions to boost its customers’ productivity and improve workflow.

The Seven Steps of the Systems Integration Process

VISÉA COUTURIER’s services are organized around four main areas:

Design Office: Precision Engineering
Based on your current and future needs, we imagine the ideal layout of your production tool. For example, surface and thermal studies, dimensioning, circulation, etc. Then, we design optimized processes fully adapted to your operation.

Boilermaking and Fabrication: The Mastery of Metalwork
Our processes, technical skills, and integrated boiler-making and welding workshop allow us to create, manufacture, and install complex boiler made and mechanically welded assemblies.

HVAC Engineering: Proven Technology
As certified refrigeration specialists, we offer innovative thermal installations. Based on ever more efficient solutions that comply with current regulations, the temperature control of your installations is orchestrated and managed by our refrigeration technicians.

Technical Services and Shops: Excellence Always in Store
With locations from Nice to Montpellier and as far away as Lyon, our mobile teams are on-site to maintain your installations all year round. Our stock of spare parts, consumables, and small equipment completes our capacity to respond quickly to all requests.


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