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Buying a wine property or vineyard / Selling a wine property or vineyard


The certified public accountant specializing in viticulture secures the wine property acquisition by accompanying the investor during the following three stages:

1- Before the Decisive Acquisition

Prior to any purchase or investment decision, it is essential to : 

To this end, the certified accountant carries out two audits: 

Depending on these audit outcomes, the investor can decide with full knowledge of the facts whether to pursue the acquisition process. 

Concurrently with these audits, the certified accountant assists the investor in drawing up multiyear business and financial planning and budgeting. These are necessary documents, particularly for any banker who may be called upon to set up financing. 

2- At the Deeds Signature

Based on financial elements that fluctuate, the final purchase price is often determined at a later stage.


It is, therefore, up to the certified accountant to audit the final accounting situation used to establish the purchase price value.


Furthermore, the certified accountant should collaborate with the lawyer and the notary in the acquisition’s legal and fiscal scheme and framework.

3- After the Acquisition

Having advised the investor during the previous stages, the certified public accountant has become his privileged adviser, given his global vision. 

Hence, he shall continue to assist on the more conventional and recurring missions, namely:


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