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Buying a wine property or vineyard / Selling a wine property or vineyard


SODAREX AVENIR is an accounting and financial advisory firm for wine sector professionals. At the heart of our concerns is your success.

Thanks to our local roots and experience in the wine industry and trade, we have in-depth knowledge of your issues. We accompany you in all your projects, whether asset development, investment, evaluation, or transmission. We will help and advise you at each step of your viticultural adventure.

Investors, SODAREX AVENIR will assist you in the acquisition of a wine property:


Wine industry professionals, SODAREX AVENIR offers you the ways to optimize your tax and accounting systems:



SODAREX AVENIR transforms your accounting into a management tool:



Viticultural sector and trade players near Bordeaux, SODAREX AVENIR offers you innovative and dedicated solutions:



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