Your needs

Purchase or manage a winery with Wine Invest Experts

WI&NE is an association bringing together all the necessary experts in order to help you invest intelligently in a French wine estate.

Every WI&NE expert will work directly with you and guarantees providing services to fit in with your timing

  • You choose which field of expertise you need and contact the appropriate experts.
  • You can become part of our process at any time, whether in the preparation stage, the realisation stage or, later on, during the management phase of your estate.
  • WI&NE also offers you the possibility of collaborating with your team and giving complementary advice to that of your own experts, especially with regard to understanding and complying with French rules and regulations.

WI&NE provides tailor-made expert advice for your wine investments.

The 7 Keys in Acquisition : our procedures


1. Define an investment project2. Visit selected properties 3.Analyse the chosen winery4. Make your own offer5. Sign the definitive sales contract and take over all assets6. Take some french courses7. Manage your winery
 1. Define an investment project

Analyse and control the nature of the investment and your overall budget.

2. Visit selected properties

Accompany the investors to select the properties which would be corresponding to their personnal needs.

 3. Analyse the chosen winery

Ask the concerned Experts study the chosen investment from the technical and accounting aspects

 4. Make your own offer

Negotiate the right price.

5. Sign the definitive sales contract and take over all assets

Receive all the keys to your castle and your winery.

 6. Take some french courses

Becoming a winery owner

7. Manage your winery

Manage the winery and set up the reporting system during your absences.