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Winemaking Consultant

To assist investors, WI&NE offers a real consultant in winemaking who use his/her expertise to help several wineries. From technical audits to more precise oenological analyzes , all consulting missions are available:

  • Inspect the technic and environment of the wineries to clarify if the pollution sources exist in the wine-making buildings and certify their technical and economic values – if necessary, to give some reconstruction suggestions.
  • Taste and analyze the stocked wines to check out their quality, their merchantability and compliance with current regulations.
  • Analyse and track the general situation in winemaking, detailedly analyse and control the whole production quality.
  • Control the quality of the materials in the stages of barrel aging and wine packaging.
  • Suggestion on the whole procedure of winemaking: wine production, vineyard restoration, vat room development and the barrel aging cellar.
  • Sworn Experts: judicial procedures, amicably independent expertise.


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