Who are we?



WI&NE is a network of recognized experts in the fields of viticulture and winemaking who combine their expertise to facilitate your investment plans in French vineyards, and to secure success.Thanks to our various backgrounds, we are aware of your different needs at every step of the way.

Purchase and management of wineries:

You can call on an expert or all experts from our association at any time for the best answer to your needs. From defining your project to assisting with your first vintages, WI&NE is a committed partner.

Our sole aim is to help you to take the right decisions by guiding you towards a profitable investment made at a fair market price.

Present throughout France, WI&NE experts are perfectly aware of prices for vineyard land in all areas and appellations. Our deeply-rooted relationships with estate owners make us a privileged source of information regarding your projected transactions.

Furthermore, our international dimension is based on our knowledge of all major markets and our ability to communicate in 5 languages: English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian. Last, but not least, WI&NE has established, and adheres to an ethics charter that guarantees the sort of discretion, availability, and efficiency you expect from us.