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Like any investment, a winery acquisition must be protected against the various existing risks. Thus, in WI&NE, comes a broker in wine insurance sector who connects the investors and the insurance players when needed. Take an insurance broker into consideration for purchasing a winery aims to protect its assets while benefiting from the most advantages in making the contract.

WI&NE accompanies investors by suggesting a broker in wine insurance sector for the following missions:

Help making your investment secure and protect your assets.
Help making the list of all the insurable risks in your winery, and then propose a set of adapted solutions; meanwhile negotiate with the main insurance companies in the market.
Manage your insurance policies for some time and to ensure fair compensation for your losses.

There are seven main risks to be insured for a winery:

  1. Coverage of multi-risks for buildings, equipment, furniture and Wines;
  2. Coverage of the civil responsibility for the operational management and Leaders;
  3. Coverage of wines during the transportation;
  4. Coverage of the Legal protection;
  5. Cover of park the automobile and agricultural machinery;
  6. Coverage against the hailstones and the climate disasters;
  7. Coverage for the staffs when traveling.

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