Winery selling: our clients’ experiences

Purchase or sale wineries

Discover below how our association has supported the investors in search of wineries.

Found the vineyards for an investment fund

vente_vignoble_bordeaux_3At the end of 2012, a private equity who approached us wished to set up a new investment project of more than 100 million euros. In the basic settings, the project’s profitability is very important. The project leaders came to meet us in Bordeaux and asked lots of very specific questions. Then we started to work together on this interesting ambitious project in which different experts who were instantly interested. The profitability of the investment project turned out unexpected if the investors couldn’t find out new sales channels in their own country.  After 6 months of hard work, the private equity reviewed its strategy and returned back to us with new goals. We are working on it now.

The participant experts:

Provided help to the Wine Investment project for a Chinese group


At the beginning of 2012, a Chinese group in the agricultural and food industry came to meet us and discussed with us about their investment projects in short, medium and long term in Bordeaux and its region. Followed our advice and by our invitation, three project leaders flied to Bordeaux to work with us for 4 days on the basis of the preliminary program established and validated according to the candidate vineyards for sale.

On the first day, we organized a meeting between the customer and the expert team with a lawyer, a notary, an accountant and an acquisition fusion firm included. The customer presented the investment project at the presence of their CEO and chief investment officer. The budget was certain, their object was clear. According to the investor’s choice, all the experts explained what they can do to help. The main function of the experts is to warn our new investors on potential pitfalls into which they can easily fall.

With all the presentations of the vineyards, the experts pointed out the defects of each. The results of this first selection allowed us to organize the visit tours for the next day. Then the selected vineyard was quickly decided by a letter of interest which should be drafted between the buyer and the seller in order to further analyze all the necessary documents to help our customer’s final decision.

The third day was dedicated to tourism in discovering the region. A professional tourism organizer provided the transportation and circuit to our customers. They visited a classified grow winery and tasted their wines in the Médoc area, and did a city tour in Bordeaux and Saint Emilion, etc.

On the fourth day, the Letter of Interest was signed between the buyer and the seller. The documents examinations started. In the end of 2012, the new legal structure of the acquirer was done, and the winery is transferred to the customer. On his request, we helped recruit a new general manager to replace the former owner.

Until now, the customer has acquired another two wineries with our excellent services.

The participant experts:

Assisted a Canadian group in Search for a winery with castle


In the middle of September of 2013, the leader of a Canadian Chain of Restaurants came to us. We presented the services of our experts. 15 days after our first contact, he came directly to meet us. We already understood his expectations:he wished to have a winery combined with the living pleasure. Therefore, we found a small winery with a very beautiful castle in which he could receive his customers and friends.
Some experts met this customer and presented him the procedures of acquisition of a vineyard. Immediately the problem of the after-sale management came out. This client took no more interest to invest this one, but he always wished to acquire a winery with impeccable quality without exploding costs.
After several days’ searching, we selected another one that seemed to his pleasure. The castle was full of furniture and our investor wanted to buy all of them. The vineyard was in average condition, but our investor was willing to invest on our good advice. In late February of 2014, the customer took possession of this winery and decided to continue work with 3 experts in our association.

The participant experts: