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Soil analysis

The analysis of soils from the vineyard is a crucial step before purchasing a winery, which allows the future owner to take all the necessary information for the investment project with confidence. This vineyard audit enables you to know the quality of soil, an important element that determines the quality of wines. Of course, this is not required, but strongly advised. The winery audit includes the following steps:

  • Mapping of soil levels to find out their viticultural potential, calculation of related surfaces;
  • Plot by plot analysis: age of the vines, planting densities, health situation and vines structures;
  • Quality of vine materials and the adequacy of vine/soil;
  • Inventory of wine-making materials.
  • Taste the wines in Stock and do the analysis;
  • Inventory of wine-making equipments and detection of halogenated contaminants;
  • Do a research to see if the winery needs to be restructured in the major wine growing areas and wine-making equipments;
  • The Technical monitoring of winery (winemakers’ Councils);
  • Analysis of Wine and dry materials in our laboratory.

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