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A sworn broker with wine expertise will quickly become essential to your wine transaction. He will play both a commercial and a legal role.
A broker has excellent wine expertise. He keeps constantly updated on the value of wine and maintains close relations with producers, cooperatives, traders and merchants. Thanks to such knowledge, he will be able to act as a mediator during wine transactions. He will assess wine, will refer to quotations, to official prices of the various vintages, and will negotiate the selling price.
Once the assessment is finished and the price is fixed, he will write the contract stipulating the agreement and take care of the formalities with the various jurisdictions concerned by the transaction.
A sworn broker therefore plays an essential role in a transaction.

Skills of a sworn broker:

  • Expertise of wine stocks in estates and wine trading companies
  • Assessment of allocations in trading companies
  • At the time of purchase, a broker tastes the wine to ensure that it is fair and merchantable.

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