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It is especially useful in the renovation of a winery, the architect will be involved in many projects. Taking an architect specialized in winery construction into consideration for the buildings restruction is insurance, because you can benefit from the expertise of a specialist who is capable to correctly diagnose the condition of the existing buildings, to give solutions to the problems and to direct the renovation work on the winery.

WI & NE offers investors the services of an effective and competent architect in winery buildingsin the following categories:

Diagnosis of the existing buildings:

  • Records / status list / city planning / technical and architectural diagnosis ;
  • Assessment of the state of existing buildings and the cost to restore them in order.

Project design and construction management:

  • Establishment of a preliminary budget before the final project ;
  • Preparation for the application of construction permit, the final plans, consultation records;
  • Procurement, construction management, receipts.

Preliminary studies before the project:

  • Definition program for necessary buildings, surfaces, technical, volumetrics;
  • According to the size of the vineyard, city planning, diagram of possible facilities and possible extensions works to have the best results in winemaking;
  • the Sketch of an overall solution, financial evaluation of all the operations.

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