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The accountant specialized in wine sector combines the expertise of an accountant with his rich knowledge of the wine world. As to giving investors real advices, the accountant specialized in viticulture is counted as one of the most important players in the preparation of a winery acquisition project.

That’s why WI&NE offers the services of an expert in wine accounting who can assist the buyers in the following tasks:

Do the accounting and social audit for the target company: asset inventory, evaluation for the stock wines and the advance charges in grape growing, DMS control, debt analysis, salary and social charge payments control .

Establish the budget and the preliminary financing plan.

In the management phase, the accountant will :

  • Establish the annual balance sheet, income statement and tax declaration.
  • Draft up an annual management file: determine the gross margin in terms of color and vintage, analyses the expenses by destinations (commercial expenses, general expenses …).
  • Advise on the social rights: employment contracts, labor regulations, hiring subsidies.
  • Establish the intermediate accounting situations and related dashboards.


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